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Heritage Landscapes LLC works at the intersection of culture and nature, people and place, land and community every day. Since 1987 we have partnered with respected clients and colleagues to enhance vital landscapes shaped by nature and humanity. As national and international leaders in effective planning, design, construction, management and stewardship we address the needs of and aspirations for landscapes at all scales. With 27 years of award-winning works, a range of completed projects, work underway and contributions to the field are presented on this website.


At Buffalo's Forest Lawn Cemetery we are collaborating with the on-site team to prepare a Landscape Renewal Plan that will replant the canopy to restore landscape character degraded by the loss of elms in the 1960s and 2006 storm.

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In Progress

Heritage Landscapes is a member of the winning Peter Walker and Partners & Rogers Marvel Architects team in the National Mall Competition for Constitution Gardens. The team prepared a respectful rehabilitation that responded to degraded landscape conditions. 

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In Action

Patricia M. O'Donnell had the opportunity to present a keynote address at the Indian Society of Landscape Architects conference, Sept. 2011, titled "Why Cultural Landscapes Matter". In Ahmedabad she visted the Gandhi Ashram pictured here.

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